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  • Toolives


    Salad servers Tossing and serving salad. These salad servers are handcrafted...
    Price: € 44.00
  • Toolives Brush

    Toolives Brush

    Cooking brush These brushes are made out of branches collected...
    Price: € 26.00
  • Toolives Spatula

    Toolives Spatula

    Spatula To stir, turn over, shake, mix, spread .. These...
    Price: € 19.00
  • Tipsy


    Spillproof tray with removable and foldable handle Even if you...
    Price: € 75.00
  • Ays glasses

    Ays glasses

    Multifaceted mouth blown glasses Verres soufflés à la bouche facettés...
    Price: € 19.00 - € 25.00
  • Young


    Wine carafe The traditionnal form of the Bourgogne/Loire type wine...
    Price: € 59.00
  • Anis


    Water and liquor carafe The carafe and twin glasses accompany...
    Price: € 32.00 - € 90.00
  • Ein herz für salz

    Ein herz für salz

    “Heart for salt” This heart shaped white porcelain salt shaker...
    Price: € 49.00
  • Seraphim


    Carafe Mouth blown glass. Special edition for the "Ornementa" exhibition...
    Price: € 150.00
  • W/Milk


    Set of 4 beakers They are color glazed on the...
    Price: € 90.00
  • W/sugar bag

    W/sugar bag

    Mug With sugar bag is a mug for tea or...
    Price: € 27.00
  • W/sugar cube

    W/sugar cube

    Mug With sugar cube is a mug for tea or...
    Price: € 24.00

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