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  • W/sugar espresso

    W/sugar espresso

    Cup with saucer With sugar espresso is an espresso cup...
    Price: € 27.00
  • Vintage


    Wine carafe The traditionnal form of the Bordeaux type wine...
    Price: € 59.00
  • Pli A4

    Pli A4

    Document/magazine/letter holder To put on your desk, or hang on...
    Price: € 49.00
  • Tipsy wood

    Tipsy wood

    Tray Even if you swing this tray, filled cups and...
    Price: € 65.00
  • Esprit de Limoges

    Esprit de Limoges

    Mug A universal approach to a traditionnal porcelain… White porcelain....
    Price: € 27.50
  • Breakfast set

    Breakfast set

    Multi-functional set mug/beaker and ramekin/eggcup Porcelain, made in Germany Awarded...
    Price: € 40.00
  • Reline


    Multi-functional breakfast set cup, saucer and plate RELINE is a...
    Price: € 49.00

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