During New York Design Week, the American Turkish Society is staging the show Design:Istanbul-NY where a selection of contemporary Turkish designs is going to be exhibited. Tulûat kilim designed by Koray Ozgen is among the creations picked by an international panel.

Tuluat kilim

Tulûat, rug (kilim)

Design Koray Ozgen for DHOKU, 2012.
Handwoven, organic handspun wool, 155x215cm.

Tulûat is about transforming and recording the common mind of the designer and the weaver into a notation - a process which the designer starts and the weaver completes without referring to any preset scheme. The mind and the hand rids the object from patterns, knots and hidden in exchange for the freedom of colors and loose ended threads.
This recontextualization updates/redefines the relationship between the designer and the weaver. Surplus material spontaneously finds new use (life) in this object, in an attempt to search new ways in sustainability. It is also about attributing the object with a quality of 'another' sense of locality and cultural sustainability where the rural and urban meets.
Tulûat rug nominated in the floor covering category for Elle Decoration International Design Awards 2013 by Elle Decor Turkey. Awarded as the Best Floor Covering Design by Elle Decor in Turkey, Tulûat featured in "Notations: An Exhibition of Kilim Recordings", a parallel event of the Istanbul Design Biennial organized by IKSV (İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts).
Tuluat will be on display in "Design: Istanbul-New York" exhibition organized by The American Turkish Society within the "WantedDesign" international design exhibition, in New York City from May 17-20, 2013. Running with International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), this year's event will be held at the landmark Terminal Stores Building on 11th Avenue between 27th and 28th Streets
Tuluat kilim

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